Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hey Smiley, I've been looking for you.....!

    A beautiful weekend in London, the sun was out, and the marathoners were putting in their 26.2 miles of achievement.  Having already ran 26 marathons in my past, I skipped this one, ( thankfully as I'm in terrible running shape nowadays) and took to the foreshore to find what the River would relinquish.  The tides weren't nothing to get to excited about, but I had two co-workers with me who were first timers, so we picked our way up and down the waterline in search of bounty.  I told myself I wasn't going to pick up anything unless it was really different, unique or valuable.  In the end, I held true to my word picking up the least amount of stuff ever.  I added about 40 pieces of slipware for my upcoming table project, finding a couple of rather large pieces, some glass, about 8 pipes that were pretty decent, 4 marbles, and a heavy duty musket ball.  But the best find was the smiling face from a Bellarmine jar!!  It was the first one I've found that had the face intact.

little acne on nose!
Musket ball, heavy, iron I believe
sunny and warm, the best detail of all
Although I didn't find all that much, it was a rewarding day.  My two friends found a sackfull of odds and ends, they are now ready to purchase some Wellies and go again.  I met a young American exchange student who picked up the mudlarking bug while studying in London, and lastly met two other treasure hunters, Keith and Shaun, two local guys who graciously volunteered to show me some other great spots to hunt relics in the near future.

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  1. Hi, love your blog! I'm an American myself and going to London in late May for a week or two. It is my dream to go mudlarking! (I know, strange dreams, but hunting for old pottery shards in the mud sounds like the best possible way to spend a day). I don't know where to go though, and am looking for someone to point me in the right direction. Maybe you can help? My email is smerolla@wesleyan.edu. Any advice would be much appreciated :)