Saturday, May 3, 2014

Goodbye Yellowbrick Road, hello Foreshore Brick Road....

   Besides the magnificent finds of pipes, pottery, coins, glass, shoes, toys, etc that mudlarkers routinely come across on the foreshore are an amazing collection of bricks.  These bricks come in all colors, condition and wording.  Being an American, I know little of the history of these bricks, but they seem to come from many places, near and far.  I wouldn't dream of taking any of them  home, as the shore seems like a fitting final resting ground.  They look to me like tiny gravestones, their owners names slowly fading into history.  I take their picture, as I would a tombstone at West Brompton Cemetary!

I hope you enjoy these, I bet you've seen some of these bricks if you have been on the foreshore!

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