Friday, November 29, 2013

You can put a seal on it!

Finally, after numerous trips to the foreshore I found the elusive lead seals that others find often.  I spent the whole low tide looking for pipes and china and glass, and when the tide had come up to where it was time to leave, I puttered around the last remaining shore looking at a muddy section of shore.  And, just like that, my eye spotted these three little lead seals all within about a foot of each other.  Only one is in decent shape, but one more thing now I can take off my list of wants.

I found the usual assortment of pipes, some of the older smaller bowl size.  One in particular had a makers mark on the bowl, as set of double RR's and another a design of some sort.

I found a  couple of clay hair spools, used to curl wig hair, actually just half of them.  I guess they were early version of today's hair rollers.

Pictured is a few pieces of my favorite china fragments I scooped up.  A nice bird fragment, two Asian faces, an Asian boat, and some colorful other pieces.  One looks a lot like pearl ware with a yellow colorization.

and lastly I picked up another piece that I believe goes along with a shard I pictured last week.  I'm still unsure as to what type of vessel it comes from. ( update..a marmalade jar )

Not a bad return to the foreshore.  The tides weren't the best, the weather however stayed dry despite a definite cooling trend.  The birds don't seem to mind, and they keep me company!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"aargh" where is my pipe?

Haven't been to the foreshore for a few weeks, too busy on a cruise to the Caribbean.  While in St. Thomas visited a pirate museum and saw a statue of this scoundrel smoking one of our pipes!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"You've Lost Your Marbles"

People have told me this and similar sentiments when they see all the stuff I've dragged home halfway around the world.  They might be right ( doubtful ), but I did manage to find a clay marble on my foreshore quest today!  So, if they are correct, I'm one marble saner tonight!!

I did quite well snagging a bag full of pipes and pipe bowls, and securing the longest stemmed pipe to date!

and a few other odds and ends of interest.  I think they are from drinking tankards and from skillets

Picked up a bit of Willow ware, good sized and will fit nicely into an upcoming mosaic

Off course no trip is complete without a picture of a bone or something grisly, here is a long ago butchered jawbone of something rather large!

I guess I will have to go back again to find the rest of the marbles I've been told I've lost!