Thursday, April 3, 2014

Like the bottom of a womens purse !

   The last few times out all I've found that that is worth picking up is little knick-knack things like buttons and marbles, pins and odd shaped items.  Maybe I'm being a little more selective!  I did manage to pick up some nice pipes, one that is quite long.  I picked up a little over 100 pieces of slipware to add to my soon to start table.  With about 825 pieces I think I'm ready to begin, once I find the right table that will withstand the weight of the slipware and the weather conditions outside.
   Any ideas you might have as to what you see is appreciated, as some of the items is guesswork.

                                          4 Buttons, all different material

                                                 Mother of pearl
                                               Black hard substance, not metal
                                               Nice little flower, I believe it is brass
                                                   Metal, can't find any info on this company

     A full wig roller. First one I've found complete, usually broken in half.  about 3 inches long, clay

                                            Bracelet, not old, made of glass beads

                                               seamstress needles, about 3 inches long, maybe
                                               used for heavier materials.  Metal object reminds
                                               me of aviator wings.  In process of cleaning!

                                               Round metal, smooth on both sides, size of 5p

                                                               decorative pipe
                                                                       side view
                                                                     back side view
                                                                green marble, worn rough from age
                                                         old mug of some sort.

                                                                         slipware  75 pieces
                                                               30 more pieces

                                                           banded slipware, mocha ware
                                                         colorful display item
                                                          what do you do with your?
                                                                medicine bottle bits
                                                                       like candy!!

           old sewer, water runoff from city.  To dark inside to venture in, maybe some real treasures inside!!  Too spooky for my courage level.

                                              Finally some decent pipes, just need some tobacco..
                                                              Compact for the discreet smoker!!

That's the story of the last few trips to the river.  Spring is here, the days are longer, the weather warmer, maybe the hunting will improve.  I am moving up river maybe next time to try out another area. 


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