Friday, April 4, 2014

Six Pence None the Richer........

   Last week while scouring the foreshore I found a coin, all discolored and covered in muck. It was low tide and it was wedged by an old piling.  I didn't look at it to closely, thinking it was just a one pence coin tossed in the river by walker byers on the path above.  Today, I looked at it again and noticed it was slightly thinner than a usual pence.  Cleaning it up, I was surprised to find a six pence coin, dated 1967, the last year they were minted.  Called a half- shilling in the past, it is often used by brides symbolically in their shoe for good luck .  Maybe this one is a precursor to some good luck coming my way mudlarking!!  I can only hope.

                                                                      Front  , about the size of a 5p



  1. Not strictly true. Although the last sixpences in general circulation were struck in 1967 there was a further limited issue of a proof set of pre-decimal coinage struck in 1970.

  2. They were never ever called half-shillings by anybody. They were one of our most common coins and we all called them tanners.