Sunday, January 26, 2014

If I'm in England, then this must be French!

   I missed out on the tide the other day, but was down by the river anyway and there was a few minutes left to browse over the rocky section by the Millennium bridge to see what I might find.  Tedious work, and I'm not as patient as the veteran mudlarker is at starring at the ground for long periods of time.   Wandering down towards Blackfriars bridge I found a couple of interesting pieces of fine china, a piece of ornate tile, a fragment of something that was a metal mold,  and a lead seal.  Best of all, tucked between two rocks I found a French Franc from 1947.  Not really that old, but neat in itself.  Condition of the coin was good, as it was made of aluminum and therefor withstood the ravages of the river water and sediment.

                                         I wonder how much a 1 franc coin bought in 1947

                                                               coin is about the size of a 10P coin

                                   This little face called for her rescue from the muck!

                                            Classic scene on Willow ware plate

                                            Delicate thin piece of brown transferware

        Ornate piece of decorative tile, maybe a wall piece or floor.  about 3 inches in lenghth
                                                   side view of tile piece

   Lastly, this piece of steel or pot metal is part of mold. Words are in reverse, when inverted they say
   "in arden"  ...I suppose it was garden, but broke off at the A in garden. No idea what it is.  just caught my eye.


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