Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A New Year, the Searching Goes ON.......

Happy New Year to all my family and friends and fellow Mudlarkers.  The tide on Saturday was supposed to be one of the lowest of the 2014 year, and I was excited at the prospect of finding treasures that were normally covered with the Thames River.  The weather held up, cloudy, a few sprinkles, but the tide never retreated to the expected low.  Apparently, due to terrible weather conditions at the sea end of the river, the barrier was still up, keeping the water from surging up river on the high tide and safe guarding the low bank residents.   As a result, the pickings were thin.  Also, there were quite a few others scavenging the foreshore for the remains of the past.  I talked with most of them, and they too were having little success.  In the end I managed to find a few decent objects.  Nothing exciting enough to bother the Queen with, but neat enough to take home.

A nice hand made glass marble, swirled brown and white glass..

A metal button, I believe brass, with a leather backing....

A nice Asian scene of fishing, not sure if Willow design, but an older piece for sure

the whole lot, cleaned and sorted...
Peek a boo peasant..
various types of ware . the bottom left is piece of Canary Yellow Jug, about 1800.
others example of mocha ware and Imari Porcelain

Definitely Willow
interesting piece, Creamware, early 1800's
A nice C for a letting project maybe..
Big pieces of Slipware
And that kicked off the New Year.  Who knows what the year will bring my way.  What ever it is, I will continue to have fun picking up the past, imagining who might have used it last, and sharing it with those lucky enough to mudlark along with me and those who can only read along my blog.

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