Monday, February 3, 2014

"OH MY, that's a BIG PIPE"

One of the lowest tides of the year was Saturday morning, and I had just enough time to venture down to the foreshore to putter around before my flight home.  I expected the ground to be littered with endless treasures, but it wasn't.  The opportunity for pipes was increased, as many are lodged in the muck, and only accessible when the tide is lower than normal.  I picked up a nice assortment of them, some with a decent amount of stem left, others just an interesting bowl.  I took one last look at a spot not ordinarily exposed on low tides, and saw a long stem lying in the sandy soil.  I was going to take it home, as it was the longest stem I had seen, when to my surprise it was intact with a nice bowl.  My heart jumped in excitement, and the day was a complete success.  Funny, just about 5 minutes before I had talked to a young girl on the shore, who was on her first outing ever mudlarking.  She asked me to look at round object she had just picked up.  Guess what?..It was a farthing from the 1680's, tin makeup, with a copper plug in the middle...Karma I guess.  ten minutes on the shore and already a winner!  So, when I found the long pipe I was reminded of my good fortune also.  The rest of the pics are of the rest of my haul for the day.  Pipes, bowls, metal objects, marbles or gaming balls, neat glass and an object I'm not sure is anything, but seems to be, if I could get the encrusted material off the top.  Take a look, offer my some ideas.  Thanks

        Heavy duty pipe, I think it had about 4 inches more when new

as compared to the long pipe I found about 6 weeks ago

                             other pipes found on Saturday, some of all styles and age

                                 I'm a sucker for the bowls, even without the stems

                                                              I think a pipkin handle
                                                   side view of same. 

two clay marbles or gaming balls, one smaller
       Old bottle necks, one still has a cork insert in it.  falls out when dried.  I just like aged look!

       Neat older examples of pottery, with a few green pieces.

        Always on the look out for mocha ware or banded ware, Chinese, or odd.  Round thing I think is top from sugar bowl or creamer!
        A brass buckle, button, round unknown token, and a lead seal part
        Lastly, may be nothing, but it is heavy from buildup, seems symmetrical.  maybe nothing, but would like to remove hardened material to see inside..
        Backside of object, mostly flat. about the size of a pair of airline wings.  Any suggestions as to how to remove material.  It is hard, almost concrete in feel, definitely not hardened clay or mud.

That was the haul from the day worth showing.  Thanks for looking, and thanks for your feedback.
One last photo, celebrating my Seahawks victory in the Super Bowl today!!

              And they didn't.........Seattle 43-Denver 8

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  1. Remains of battered Roman lead artefact (man riding horse?)