Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Lousy Tide, But Still Some Finds

The tide on Sunday was not much to speak of.  I went to the river anyway, drawn by the feeling that maybe I would find at least one item I haven't found yet.  Probably the dream of all Mudlarkers!  Evening came early, and there was a dampness to the air.  The tide didn't want to give up any lost treasures openly, and I resorted to a closer inspection of the foreshore.  I didn't find much this time out, a scattering of china fragments, a couple of serviceable pipes, another marble, a couple of round objects, maybe cannon shot or musket balls, an old bone handle piece, part of a shoe?, and a few pieces of neat glass.   However, I did run into a person of interest, whom is quite famous I would say in the Mudlarking world of London.  You can see her blog at London Mudlark.  I have corresponded with her over the last few months a few times, asking her advice and using her vast photo collection of Thames finds as a reference to educate myself on what exactly I am collecting.  Below is the small, but sort of interesting finds of last weekend.

clay gaming ball or marble
two just right for colorado
early shoe insole...ideas?
odds n ends

should have been up top..maybe a knife handle

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  1. So envious! I found your blog by way of Julia's blog. A fellow American and I were in London in October. We tried our hand (our once and only time) on the South Bank near the Millennium Walkway. I found items similar to those you've posted, clay pipes, bits of ware, a couple of marbles, but my friend made the grand find of an Elizabethan coin, dated 1566. I love visiting the foreshore vicariously through you and Julia. Keep up the great posts!