Thursday, October 10, 2013

Two low tides and good weather ...

My run of good luck mudlarking in great weather continues.  Tuesday there was two nice fairly low tides.  This brought out more mudlarkers than I have seen before.  I arrived a little late for the morning tide, with only about 20 minutes to look before the tide turned.  I was beaten to the punch I think and didn't find much of significance.  I did get to converse with a couple of mudlarkers using metal detectors and watch them in action.  They both picked up a couple of nice coins and other small metal objects buried beneath the mucky shore.  Later in the evening I returned to comb the foreshore, this time having it to myself.  The retreating river rewarded me with some nice pipe finds, numerous bowls, and a couple of nice pottery finds.  The crest of the lion from a Westervald jug was a happy find, it is in beautiful condition and the first I've found complete as is.  Included is a few pictures of my days work.  If you know what some of it is , please comment.

I guess it's about time to invest in some Wellies ( rubber boots to us Americans ).  I have dunked my feet into the Thames just about enough by now!!

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