Saturday, October 19, 2013

Is smoking all these pipes ruining my teeth?

Well, another low tide, another pile of china pieces, lots of pipes of various age and length, lots of pipe bowls and 3 nice pipe bowls with neat designs.  One looks like a crest, another some official coat of arms, and the other floral.  Advise if you have seen them before.  I particularly like the teeth, they look like an Austin Powers set of chompers....Yeah Baby!!

The Bone China writing is on the back of a Willow ware shard.  The little wood handle is about 4 inches long, heavy wood, appears to be from some kind of tool.  Let me know if you've seen this before.  The potter piece is the top of some old jug or bottle, very primitive in design and quality.  I would guess quite old.

The Thames continues to offer up enough surprises and bounty to keep me coming, rain or shine, day or night.  More low tides coming in the weeks to come, hopefully will find a coin or lead seal, or something different.  Still haven't bought myself any Wellies yet, will need them soon as the rainy season sets in.


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