Thursday, October 24, 2013

A little of this and a little of that.....

   I was lucky enough to enjoy two low tides on Monday,  and the weather couldn't have been any nicer.  The morning tide exposed some foreshore that doesn't always get uncovered, and I found some new treasures.  I started out looking for only pipes, but soon the allure of odd pottery and glass and china overtook my good sense.  There was only a few others out scavenging the shoreline, one metal detector and a nice German mudlarker I've come across quite often.  By the turn of the tide I'd filled my bag with a good assortment of pipes, pipe bowls, glass and pottery.  Later in the evening I was bored so I returned to see what the second low tide of the day might expose.  I wasn't disappointed, as the shore gave up some offering I hadn't found before.  

I found my first part of  hair comb and also part of what I believe was part of a brush.

Also found three nice little china pieces, all three I believe would have been small bowls, maybe sugar or creamers.  Two are banded ware I think, the other a tea ware piece.

This is a piece of pottery that was used as a colander, glazed on one side

Three nice pieces of different design.  they are bigger than the usual find, about 3-5 inches in width and length

Lastly a picture of a variety of neat finds, two tops of jugs, two interesting handles and a piece of black ware, I believe might be really old, possible Roman.

My favorite find was the top of a glass bottle that had a glass top stopper.  Labelled,  Shaws Patent, I believe it is from the late 1880's.  The bottle was clear, the glass stopper is light green.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and commentary......see you next low tide!!!

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  1. The bottom of the tea bowl with the small flower, looks as though it is Chinese export porcelain
    link to blog post here