Friday, May 16, 2014

Hit me with your best shot.....

The sun was out, perfect for a couple of jaunts down to the foreshore.  One evening tide and a morning tide later I had a few new additions to show.  I made my first trip to Rotherhithe, a little farther away but worth the time.  The Mayflower set sail from this location back in 1620, maybe leaving a trail of broken pottery and pipes to the new world!  Pictures below show the fruits of my labor and love. 

       a few  hours later

                                     glass pieces and wine bottle with cork inserted still

                                            glass bead
                                     another bead, nice a smooth, I think made of stone

                                                              top view of bead

Hand painted, delf maybe
bone handle of eating utensil, knife likely
decent pipe and slipware shard
bottom of flow blue teacup or sugar bowl, age unknown
bottom view
1 marble, 4 cannon shot iron balls
not sure what this is, made of morter and I believe iron point.  about 2.5 inches across.  looks like miniature sun dial
side view.  what do you think it is?  Ringholder now!
That was the sum of my adventure.  It was neat to see where the Mayflower left from England, after reading about it so long ago when I was young.

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