Sunday, February 9, 2014

RAIN , Wind and a Strike.......

I wasn't going to venture down to the foreshore the other day, as the weather was terrible, and there was a strike going on in London.  Only a few lines were running on the Tube, and not all stations were being serviced.  However, the Distict line was operational on a limited basis so I put on my raincoat and decided to take a look.  Once on the foreshore, I was blasted by gusty winds and pelting rain.  I managed to pick up a few things, nothing overly exciting.  These two items were of most interest.  I believe the brown pottery shard is from a Bartman jug, however I haven't seen this pattern on any pictures I've seen published on a few blogs.  The other item is a piece  of cut white glass, finely worn down by age.  It is diamond cut, has a hole drilled on the top portion, making me believe it might be from a  chandelier.

       about two inches across.....Bartman Jug  ?

Any idea's


  1. Very interesting blog.I will become a regular visitor.
    Do you need a special permit for doing this.

  2. No permit needed as long as you only pick up what you can see laying open. No little shovels, troughs, etc are allowed. Not even kicking the dirt or disturbing the surface. To dig or use a metal detector you would need to apply for a permit from the London Port Authority.