Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus"....and he came to the foreshore today!!

Today was the day!,  After the shock of my alarm going off at 5:45 am, I hurriedly dressed and jumped on the first train to the river.  Low tide was at 7 am, and I wanted to be there early to get a jump start. Armed with my new ultra bright LED flashlight I arrived at the waterline by 6:30 and headed on my usual rounds.  The morning started off slow, with only a small pipe bowl and a few pieces of blue china.  I was regretting my choice of losing sleep, when I stumbled upon the longest pipe I have collected so far!  There it sat, alone on the waters edge.  I prayed it would be completely intact, not missing the lower side.  I was rewarded with my wish....here it is, measuring about 9 inches from bowl to stem tip.

As if the God's of mudlarking had decided that this morning was going to be my special day, the next hour or so I collected a fantastic collection of pipes, pipe bowls, china fragments, glass shards, marbles, pottery, and some odd round thing.

Any ideas as to the vessel these wrapped handles went to?

   I like these 4 pieces, the Asian theme of 3 and the deer on the other..

  This is the bottom of a smaller bottle.  I like the design, am so far unable to ID it

This the top of a small pottery jar or something, dainty, but a surviver!!

This round rock like material ball is about the size of a table tennis ball..

And finally the full collection of pipes that Santa brought me today, " Virginia, don't stop believing!"

All this collecting is fun, and addicting.  As my friends keep saying,  "you've lost your marbles to get up early or stay out late".  Maybe so, but I did find one more marble today, so I must be a little smarter!!

That wraps up this addition of my Mudlarking adventures.  Christmas came early for me today.  I'm very pleased to finally have a pipe that has some real length to it.  It took me about 150 pipes to secure this one.  Hopefully I won't have to wait so long till I find another!!


  1. Hi Tim, nice pipe, I've yet to find one with such a long handle. The white handles are creamware and probably from teapots or jugs, for pictures take a look at my pinterest account http://www.pinterest.com/JuliaNlondon/creamware/

    What you've identified as the bottom of a jar, is in fact a glass seal, link to one I found on my blog is here

  2. Your comments are always appreciated!