Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sun, Rain, Wind and Muck!

Last weekend had all that London has to offer.  It was like experiencing the four seasons of the year in a 24 hour period.  I managed to test the foreshore for two tides, an evening 6:30 pm tide, followed by the next low tide 12 hours later at 6:30.  The foreshore couldn't have looked any different.  The evening tide exposed a pristine, clean surface, making for neat pickings.  Twelve hours later the new low tide displayed a ground covered in slimy grey muck and ooze.  Needless to say, not having a pair of rubber boots on left me a mess.  Between these two trips to the river I found some decent pottery and glass.  I take less and less each time, as by now I have more than enough to make numerous mosaic trays or tabletops.  After finding the long pipe the week before,  my expectations to find another were high, but as you will see, just the usual lengths were found this time. 

I did find one pipe with a nice design on it, not sure as to what it is exactly, some type of crest or coat of arms I would say.

I also found some nice examples of older late 1600's pipes.  They are so much thicker and heavier than their newer relatives.  One old pipe bowl was really small, hard to believe it actually was worth smoking to start with.  Maybe it was a child's pipe!

My quest for the rare and unique continues.  I cross my fingers each time, hoping for something that will get a wow out of the seasoned mudlarker.  Until then, I am happy to collect from the past and enjoy the present. 

Just a few pics from last weekends visit.

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