Friday, November 29, 2013

You can put a seal on it!

Finally, after numerous trips to the foreshore I found the elusive lead seals that others find often.  I spent the whole low tide looking for pipes and china and glass, and when the tide had come up to where it was time to leave, I puttered around the last remaining shore looking at a muddy section of shore.  And, just like that, my eye spotted these three little lead seals all within about a foot of each other.  Only one is in decent shape, but one more thing now I can take off my list of wants.

I found the usual assortment of pipes, some of the older smaller bowl size.  One in particular had a makers mark on the bowl, as set of double RR's and another a design of some sort.

I found a  couple of clay hair spools, used to curl wig hair, actually just half of them.  I guess they were early version of today's hair rollers.

Pictured is a few pieces of my favorite china fragments I scooped up.  A nice bird fragment, two Asian faces, an Asian boat, and some colorful other pieces.  One looks a lot like pearl ware with a yellow colorization.

and lastly I picked up another piece that I believe goes along with a shard I pictured last week.  I'm still unsure as to what type of vessel it comes from. ( update..a marmalade jar )

Not a bad return to the foreshore.  The tides weren't the best, the weather however stayed dry despite a definite cooling trend.  The birds don't seem to mind, and they keep me company!


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  2. They are wig rollers rather than "hair" rollers. The pipe looks like the Rolls Royce of pipes! lol