Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"You've Lost Your Marbles"

People have told me this and similar sentiments when they see all the stuff I've dragged home halfway around the world.  They might be right ( doubtful ), but I did manage to find a clay marble on my foreshore quest today!  So, if they are correct, I'm one marble saner tonight!!

I did quite well snagging a bag full of pipes and pipe bowls, and securing the longest stemmed pipe to date!

and a few other odds and ends of interest.  I think they are from drinking tankards and from skillets

Picked up a bit of Willow ware, good sized and will fit nicely into an upcoming mosaic

Off course no trip is complete without a picture of a bone or something grisly, here is a long ago butchered jawbone of something rather large!

I guess I will have to go back again to find the rest of the marbles I've been told I've lost!  


  1. Did you take the jaw bone home? - max

  2. Hi Tim,
    We met by the Thames on Nov. 5. My husband and I had fun! I had a great time! I found some bones too. Ribs and a large femur head! Lots of pipe stems, and bowls. Two of the bowls are complete with about two inches of stem. I think the best piece is the blue glass bottle bottom. Packed with hardened sediment and chips of pottery in the sediment! I had a great time even in the cold rainy morning! -- Michelle

  3. The coarse earthenware longish things are probably pipkin handles, I've included a link to an early blog post on these