Thursday, November 27, 2014

Shorter Days, Smaller finds......

Fall is quickly racing towards winter and the day light hours are getting shorter and shorter.  Seems like the tides are staying mediocre.  A least the rain has stayed away for the most part.  Last week I made it down to the foreshore for a little picking.  Nothing rare, valuable or downright stunning was found, but  did find a few small trinkets of interest.  I usually don't pick up a lot of little china or porcelain, but a few items caught my eye and I retrieved them for a closer look at home.  The haul for the day was of some decent pipes, some glass, china, pottery, personal effects and a lot of fresh air.

Blacking Bottle, I believe from early to mid 1800's

I like the way the cork is still in this earthen jug spout..
another corked bottle top, maybe a potion bottle late 1700's, to mid 1800's.  after being out of water 4 days the cork shrunk and came out of top!

fairly large pieces of willowware, I wonder what the last meal served on it was?

curious piece of porcelain, maybe part of  a chamber pot handle, old for sure!
green pottery, the piece on bottom right and the above are same. bottom photo shows the two fingers the potter used when shaping the vessel it was.
this is a dark brown/amber glass ball. not quite round, may have been top to glass top, or defective marble that wasn't broken off cleanly when hand blown!
piece of pottery with advertising on it.  Who has a picture of the whole piece?

small fragment of a woman's hair comb, wood, old
pipes, ready to be used again!!

Lastly a gold charm, stamped 14k on back.  Not old, as you can see it is engraved 1-12-89 across it. may have been tossed off bridge for remembrance, good luck or fell off bracelet, but finding gold is always a good sign of luck to come!!

That's a little bit of what I've come up lately.  I'll leave you with a few pictures I took of the stunning display of ceramic poppies at the Tower of London.  I eagerly await the arrival of the two I purchased after seeing this sobering memorial to the brave soldiers lost in WWI.




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