Monday, September 15, 2014

Low Tide, High Expectations.....Mediocre finds

Last weekend had some great tides for mudlarking.  I managed to make it to an evening tide that measured .05.  I was expecting to find a lot of interesting items, long ago tossed aside, and now resting in the less than frequent exposed mud.  Surprisingly the pickings were scarce.  There were about 6 other night owls out looking at the same time, but they were mostly metal detector guys looking for lost coins and metal.   The worst part of the night was someone stole my boots from the hotel storage room, so I had to search the waters edge in my tennis shoes.  By nights end I was wet up to the ankles.  I did find a good amount of pipes, nothing extra long, which surprised me.  I thought with a really low tide I might find one that was closer to the original length.  Below are pics of the evenings finds.

      Pipes,  a bone knife handle, a knife case, no blades, half a wig roller, teapot spout, pipkin handle

    The small pipe bowl is one of smallest I've found. probable held just a finger tip of tobacco

     Kitchen knife maybe, blade corroded away but nice bone handle remains..

      knife casing, both blades missing from inside.  maybe snapped off in some sorted foreshore bar brawl!!!

 Glass button maybe, has a little iridescent shine on it.

   Anyway, that was about the sum of all the finds.  Summer is quickly coming to an end, the days are getting shorter, the weather will soon turn to clouds, wind and rain.  I'll return again to look for treasures of the past, next time with some new boots!!


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  2. The email is actually Sorry for the confusion!

  3. I found a small, bumpy glass piece similar to the last item and the finds officer at the Museum of London was interested in it, wanted me to bring it in to be looked at, maybe recorded in the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

  4. The small piece of green glass is one of the applied knobs from a German Roemer and dates to the mid 17th Century

    Not Roman I'm afraid, but a nice find, in fact I have one myself from Trig Stairs area. Took some time to work it out!