Sunday, March 23, 2014

My two favorite things to pick up.....

Whew, that took some time putting these all in order.  My loose collection of about 250 pipes, suitable for smoking whatever the user feels the urge to.  I think just about every style, size, peg design, period is represented.  Each one once tossed away as rubbish, now a treasure.


This is my favorite pottery on the foreshore.   These will soon become the makings of a nice outdoor table.  I plan on using an old metal table, using a dark grout between the shards, and then overlaying it with a thick poring of liquid acrylic to encase and protect the pottery pieces.  This is 657 pieces, measuring 28 inches by 40 inches.  I would like about 150 more pieces to enlarge it slightly more.

                                                             Slipware table makings


  1. Tim, you have me pining to go mudlarking! I haven't been sonce last summer and I love all the stuff you've found. Best, J

  2. You could do the same with the pipes. Lay them on a table and cover them with liquid acrylic to protect them.