Saturday, March 22, 2014

Little Pieces of History.....large amount of imagination..

   While not the grandeur discovery, these little morsels of color, shape and design are still fun to find.  My quest for the Queens jewels continue ( ha ha ), but i'm still having a great time picking up the common mans' junk.  Below is an assortment of pottery, glass, pipes, china and bits and pieces.  Also I managed to take a few pictures along the way.  All comments are welcome, as I am not 100% sure of what each item is.

        It appears as an angel blowing a horn and some person of religious importance.  Comments?

                                                         I think Westerwald, late 1700,s

                                              Willow ware, same piece, one from brown set

                                      Colorful collection of slipware and pearlware

                                                          Mocha ware

                                                Creamware, Westerwald, and a clay marble

                                                 Tranquil little scene on bottom of sugar bowl?
                                                 Bottom of above

       this is bone, has been hand tooled round, with 4 groves on top, about the size of a 50p coin
     Reverse side of above, obviously tooled, cone shaped, with small hole in center, dept about .3 inch. Use I havent the foggiest idea.

                                             Very dense, heavy pottery material, indented with thumb
                                  Reverse of above, flat on bottom, possible letter in middle
                                                 side view of above, ideas welcome!  I guess old!!

                                      two buttons, bottom says excelsior, top button has loop back

      hand blown ink well maybe?  It stands about 2 inches tall.

                                                               decorative pipe
                                                                    Reverse side

              Nice day at the foreshore collection.  A little of everything,  tempted to fill one up and give it a go

                                            Lastly a couple of pipkin handles, left one nicely glazed

        Early morning sunrise, a few early birds headed for work
          an artist couldn't paint it any prettier...

      Pigeons on guard.....

That's about it for my recent trip to the shore.  Good tides and longer days are coming......

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