Friday, September 27, 2013

Life is not a pipe dream.......or is it?

I started out looking for just pipes, but the rest of the great stuff on the beach changed my mind.  However, my quest to find a complete, or as near to complete pipe and stem continues.  I'm told that the stems can range from about 6 inches to up to 18 inches.  Below are my favorite pipes with a bit of stem and another picture of just pipe bowls.  Some of the bowls have a design on them, or a makers initials on them.  They range in age from the late 1600's ( the smaller, thicker bowls, to a larger size, dating to mid to late 1700"s to early 1800's.  Now that weed is now legal to smoke in Washington and Colorado, I may have a thriving business for the pipes.  Their one shot smoke capability makes them perfect for the quick hitter!

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