Wednesday, September 25, 2013

And in the beginning....

so, after about 8 trips to the foreshore, i've decided to share my finds with my friends, co workers, and any enthusiast of mudlarking.  I've learned quite a bit already from reading the blogs of some serious mudlarks and historians easily accessed on Google.  My collecting started with picking up just about anything, thinking everything was a "treasure".. hence the 800 pipe stems i now have in a plastic jug.  ha ha.
Now, I take a longer look, and try to pick up things I believe are different, appealing, and fun to have.  Always in search of the complete pipe, i still have a fondness for the clay pipes of yesteryear, and save just about every bowl or small pipe I come across.  I have photographed most of my finds, so I can categorize them by age, use, distinction and use.  I hope you enjoy this effort

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