Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer is here, the sun is out...

It's so nice to see that summer has finally arrived.  Not actually for a few more days, but who's counting.  I spent a few hours basking in the late evening sun a few days ago, idly looking to see what the river would give up.  Although the rare coins, toys, and lead seals still play hide and seek from me I did come back with a nice grouping of pipes.  Its neat that these little fragile clay smoking pots of yesteryear come bobbing up on a fairly regular basis, but sad to think that once exposed and released from their muddy grave their days are numbered as they are dashed against the rocks on the foreshore in the proceeding tides.  Taking them home is kind of a search and rescue mission.

So, these are my only post of a find for this trip, my quest for coinage continues!!

      a bakers dozen,  10 newer larger versions and 3 nice small bowl oldies

      Sundown on the Shard

                                                   The old and new intertwined

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